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On the night of April 14, 2016, a dear friend passed away due to complications from severe pneumonia.  She had been under an inordinate amount of stress and her body couldn’t fight it off.  She was someone who helped me deal with my own issues with workplace bullying, but in the end, it was that same kind of stress that took her life.  Please, please, please understand that workplace bullying harms people.  It harms health and it take lives.  I’m saddened, shocked and angry that this happened to such a special lady.

Workplace bullying has affected me directly and it has also affected many people that I know and care about.  There are still too many people that are unaware of this phenomenon and some who feel that it’s just something experienced by “weak people who don’t have a backbone.”

The friend that so many of us lost that night was far from weak.  She was one of the strongest people I’ve ever known.  Bullies don’t attack the weak.  They attack the high performers, the competent workers who make the inept bullies feel threatened.  Bullies are the weak ones. 

Workplace bullying is very real.  Statistics reveal that many workers have experienced bullying as either a target or as a witness.  Workplace bullying affects most workplaces to some degree.  And its effects are deadly.  The stress it causes attacks vital organs in the body.  It causes depression, anxiety and PTSD. People commit suicide because of the terrible pain caused by it. It exacerbates already existing health conditions. 

If anyone wants to learn more, and I hope many do, please inbox me and I’ll direct you to several resources.  Workplace bullying is not BS. At any time, a bully may direct their wrath at you or someone you care about.

God bless my friend and her family, especially her grandsons who she loved so much and who will miss her terribly.