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I love the article that is linked below.  It says everything that I would want to say if I were asked the same question!  Reading this article gives a lot of insight into the writer’s mind.

I have always had an easier time expressing myself through the written word.  People who have never met me face-to-face might be surprised about how shy I can actually be.  I can go for a while, saying absolutely nothing to people that I am very familiar with on Facebook or Twitter and the like.  Put a keyboard in front of me and I become the guy that people are  most familiar with (my handwriting looks like a chicken shit on the paper, so don’t even ask!) .

People have tried to change this quirk in my personality.  I even got dinged for it on my job evaluations – using memos and emails too much to communicate.  My answer to that was mainly to throw the same bullshit back at the people making the critique – I knew others that were no better about face-to-face yacking than I was.  Don’t preach if you’re not listening to the sermon, Reverend!

Someday it might be nice to meet some of the people I have met through social networking.  If we do happen to meet, don’t be surprised if I take a while to warm up.  I guess I’m just like that old Buick I used to have – never take it out on a cold day until the heater had a chance to fire up.  I will warm up and when I do, you may regret wishing I would speak up.  I’m a foul-mouthed SOB and my humor can get really raunchy.  But I like to have fun and if we get together, I will eventually do my part to make things lively!  Just don’t expect me to drive the Buick out of the garage for a bit, OK?

Read this article, please: Why I Write « The Night Writer.